Nigeria @59, Miss Or Get

Nigeria @59, Miss Or Get

Fellow Nigeria happy independent………

Before I proceed I will like to remind you the introductory part of The Prince by( Niccolo Machi avelli)
He says.

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The tyrant terrifies his subject…..He turn the entire machinery of state to his own profit and that of a few friends,,,,,,,,.All threats to his sole authority he resists with absolute ferocity.

Perhaps the most empirical example of the Machiavellian prince in present day Nigeria are our politcans,,,.These species of human being arrogates to much power to themselves and controls so much funds,yet they has too little to show for the revenue they are managing on behalf of the citizens.

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Can you reconcile the huge statutory allocations to the states from Abuja with the pervasive barrenness and paucity of opportunities in the land since the commencement of DEMOCRACY IN NIGERIA?

Schools and colleges: dispensaries and hospitals; roads and general infrastructures are still wretched as they were since the day of locust.

The exe_crook_thief politcans Maxim seems to be : chop,chop,and chop, forgetting that it was long throat that lead to the demise of the legendary monkey.

In Nigeria today , seldom do decent people venture into politics. More often than not,when they do,they end up bitting the dust and Lilliputians end up with reins of power.

The ordinary Nigeria must be living in cloud and cuckoo Land if he expects any improvement in his city’s infrastructures or an improy in his personal welfare.

Party stawlarts need to be fed, cronies must be made billionaire and massion have to be built for girlfriends.

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Have you ever attempted to take stock of your states governors monarchical apparel: the cost of his oppressive Jeeps, the value of stately homes:his wife’s ultra lavish reception; etc?

You better don’t try it, because of you do,you will weep for the country.
So as long as we continue to elect gangster into influential positions; so long we continue to allow criminal politicians to crowd the the corridors of power:

so long shall we continue to get nothing other than debt rollover, infrastructures decay and a miserable populace.

Happy independent once again.

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