There is a couple in European Country. The husband is fond of coming back home late and strongly drunk.

One day,he went out as usual and did not return until late in the night,by which time the wife had slept having waited long for him.
The husband struggle to return back home on that Winter night.

He knocked the door and the wife concluded within her heart that if it is her husband he would knock again,

but the huzy could not knock again because of the cold,so the slept off, she woke up the following morning and found her husband lying down at the door completely frozen to death. She lamented:


The above story, whether is real or imaginary, shows how many people, who would have been delaying or postponing their salvation would lament and cry,,I THOUGHT HE WOULD KNOCK AGAIN.””

On that ,when all men shall stand before the judgment seat of the Lord. Many people whose heart’s door Jesus had been,but who has been procrastinating will regret and lament on that day,

you may be having it in your mind that you will open the door of your heart in future, perhaps when you would have built your own house

Buy your own car,,or when you would have been old. He may not KNOCK AGAIN.

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