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HOT STORY: Mirror Girl (Part 3) – The Final Saga


mirror girl part 3 by khayra

Mirror Girl (Part 3) – A Story By Khayra

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No I said to myself, this is impossible, maybe i’m hallucinating, this was not who I expected. I thought that episode of my life was over…….. KIM was Jason’s sister, Now all his story became meaningful to me, then I remembered his two brothers Best and Jayden, I recalled they were the ones I met during my first visit to Kim’s house. Jason looked on in surprise as I stood in front of her looking like someone who had just been hit by a plaque…….. Kim also showed a surprised face but she smiled afterwards giving me a cold hug and whispered…..”We meet again”. I slowly pushed her away and gave a fake smile. I guess I don’t need any introduction, from the look of things you two know each other, Jason broke the silence. Ofcourse we do Kim spoke first we were once best friends in High School. Jason gave a wide smile and gave me a hug, I guess this is settled then I’m starving to death show her to her room and let’s have dinner.

I showed her to the guestroom and left with no words. To the kitchen I went. My head was burning already, I felt the whole world was on my head. Pull yourself together Samantha I said to myself. I wiped my eyes that were filled with tears already. I left the kitchen to set the table. It was not long before Kim came to me…….. Funny how fate can make one travel so far but still return to their point of departure… HaHaHa…. She laughed cunningly. I ignored her and made my way out of the kitchen. Jason was already at the table. I can see you two are already getting along after a while, He said. I just smiled and nodded. I was quiet the whole time we ate. All I wished for was that this should be a melodrama. Ever sice Kim came back into the house it has been hell for me.

Jason you slapped me!!!! Yes and I will do it again. I have never seem my husband this way since I knew him. I married a caring, loving, and considerate man but for two days now he has been roaring like a Lion. Whenever I touched him or try talking to me all I get is his anger and punches. Where have I gone wrong? I always did the usual thing in the house which is now a taboo for my husband. On one night I had woke him up to sort things out and I reminded him of my condition(pregnancy). That was the day I started sleeping out. He beat me mercilessly and warned me never to disturb his sleep again. He pulled my hair till we got to the door and pushed me outside. And it became regular anytime I got hit, that night I was to sleep on the Verandah………. All this while that little witch(Kim) enjoyed the moments….. Anytime I was sent out, she’ll peep through the window and laugh like a chattering eagle…..

Get out of my way!!!! I was startled and I got up as fast as I could. It was Jason making his way out already. I sighed and looked on. It was morning. I had been thinking all through the night that I hadn’t noticed the Sunrise. After the gate was closed and Jason left I trotted inside to get cleaned up. Only to find my bags packed and thrown carelessly around the living room. Oh God! This is not happening to me I realized I’ve not prayed in a long time. All I did was enjoy the moment with my Jason and the dreams I thought came through. I went on my knees for the first time in 6months to pray. I prayed for forgiveness and I asked God to take care of my home. I was stopped abruptly by Kim. Your prayers are too late to be answered you can go and say the remaining in your father’s house. I ignored her and continued my prayers. I got up and packed my bags back inside, I freshened up and I ate. I waited for Jason to be back and ignored all Kim’s ranting outside my room. I knew there was no way she could enter since my door was locked and I trusted her not to be an idiot to stay out forever.

Jason got back from work and I had prepared his meal and waited in the room for him. What!!!!? I thought you were long gone, He fiercely said. Woman I want you out of my house. I immediately went on my knees and begged him to atleast tell me where I had gone wrong, I didn’t finish my statement before he landed another punch on my head and this time it was hot, he threw me out in no time and asked the gatekeeper never to allow me in the house again. I wept like a baby I gathered what’s left of my strength and left for my parents house. I met my Mother at home and as usual my Father had gone to his store. The last thing I remembered was hugging my mum. I woke up in a dark room I was terrified It was when I felt a warm touch I opened my eyes, It was my mother’s hand. I had fainted and I was in the hospital. The doctor came in to check up on me. Then he later announced to my parents and I that I lost my baby. I cried uncontrollably, I refused to be consolled. I prayed to God to get this storm over in no time. This was not what I wanted…………..


Few days later I was discharged, My parents talked me into forgetting what has happened and move on after I explained everything to them. My Father was furious that I had kept my relationship with Kim in High School hidden from them. After a while my Mother suggested we prayed which we did. I began to imagine what my life would become after my parents left me. Do I re-write my dreams? Can I be a better person after this storm? How do I even get a job? How will I cope? I had a million questions on my head with no answers to them…………. I concluded few weeks later and told my father I’ll help in the store till I got another Job. He declined at first, but after much pressure and persuation from my mother he concured. I started going to the store, I met different people everyday and I started learning how to associate with people. I met different categories of buyers, some come and go quietly, some only come to know if you have stocks(surveyors), and I met the ones who will fight the attendants just to get a discount on what they are buying. I was enjoying the new adventure that I even forgot I suffered any predicaments. My parents were glad that I moved on, and on few occassions my Father praised me for my conduct at the store.

It was Sunday after church we always have a nice time together, my parents and I, my father would ask me to balance the previous week account and prepare another invoice for the following week. That was our Sunday routine after lunch. And today was not different I was preparing the invoice when we heard the door bell ring. My mother got the door and Jammed it immediately, she came back frowning. My Dad and I looked surprised, Who is that? We both said and looked at each other. Jason my mother replied, my heart skipped and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. My father told her to open up for him, she reluctantly obeyed. He came in looking like a prodigal son. After greeting my parents, my father asked him to take his seat. I wanted to shout, scream but I didn’t find the strength to do so. I just sat looking dumb. He started by asking them to beg me, he told them he was not worthy of my forgiveness but he had no choice. He turned to me and I looked away. He stood up and prostrated in front of me I looked towards his direction and our eyes met I could not contain the tears that rolled out of my eyes.

Kim mislead me, he started. I was stupid not to trust you. I just believed all she told me about you without questioning you. I thought you lied to me because she told me how ambitious you have always been. I thought you married me for money from the lies she told me. She told me you two were sex workers and how you did drugs at an early age. I now concluded all your rape stories were just cooked up to get my attention and self pity. It was last week when Kim fell ill she confessed to me. She told me how she had forced you into doing those things, She also told me she sent the guys who raped you on your way home the night you told me you escaped from them. I’m sorry Samantha I should have believed you instead I was hurt and all I cared about was my feelings, I didn’t even think of you and my baby, on that sentence he looked at me closely, ehmmmm Samantha where’s my baby? I just smiled and told him”You killed her”, he lowered his head and cried silently. My parent stood up and left us alone.

I was not ready to forgive him atleast not yet at the same time I was dying to be wrapped around his arms. He stood up and brought out an envelope. Kim sent that to you, she said she was too ashamed to face you,, she gave me on her way to the airport yesterday, he said giving me the letter. He cried and moved closer to hug me I drifted away at first, but then something said to me, Is this not what you silently wished and prayed for?. I moved closer and I drew him to myself. We both shed tears of both regrets and gladness.I moved back with Jason that evening and I still continued helping my father at his store. Soon I had my own Super market which soon became one of the biggest in town and I had attendants in charge of my father’s store. He was getting old and he needed to spend more time with his wife, I thought. While Jason went on with his CEO thing, I also handled my business and we got along just fine. We cultivated the habits of praying before leaving the house every morning and before we go to bed at night. I got pregnant again and nursed the unborn child together this time not with punches but with much love and attention………………


Almost 80% of people have dreams and desires but most people have failed while accomplishing them, simply because they had failed to plan well and seek guidaince or mentorship. And just like Samantha many have failed to look around them, learn from their every contact with people, they always thought they could do it alone. After facing predicaments some give up and often take their lives. Unlike Samantha she had where to turn to but some people might not get a chance to. It might be too late to start again. What if she had lost her life when she lost the baby, then She only lived a wishful life. We might have past that might later hunt us in the future but that doesn’t stop us from building our dreams. The past is not to bring you down but to propel you forward. If any one is suffering from any form of pressure it is adviceable to tell a confidant even if it means you’ll suffer some things. Imagine Samantha being raped as a child and didn’t tell her parents until she was facing problems in her marriage. No one created you so they have no right to destroy you. Be in charge of your destiny, your only limitation is you. And above all Put God first in all that you do. Do not wait until you get into trouble before praying to God…….


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