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HOT STORY: Mirror Girl (Part 2)


mirror girl part 2 by khayra

Mirror Girl (Part 2) – A Story By Khayra

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All was well between I and Kim until one day I asked her to take to me her place after school, and she willingly agreed. When we arrived at her place I was stunned to see that Kim actually was living in my dream house. It was a very beautiful house with nice and cool environs, there were pots of flowers beside the building, they had a garden and a garage. The interior also wowed me, I was lost in thought when I suddenly heard her voices up the stairs, it was then I realized we were not alone. There were two (2) other boys in the house who she introduced to me as her brothers. I exchanged pleasantries with Jayden and Best. They excused themselves and I was left alone.

They were taking more time than I expected, I was still complaining when I suddenly perceived a choking and horrible smell and it was coming from the room they entered. I tip toed and walked towards the door, when I got closer to the door I was tempted to slam the door open but I settled at eavesdropping. What!!!!!! My legs started to shake, I was terrified I gathered strength and I walked back to where I was sitted grabbed my bag and ran home as fast as my legs could carry. When I got home I couldn’t help but wonder I didn’t know when I started exclaiming loudly….. Kim drugs? Hemp? Sex worker for crying out loud we were just 16. I concluded I would comfront her and I so demand an explanation from her.

The next day at school……………. Hey you disappeared yesterday I was worried. I did not break the silence as I was fuming hard inside. Hey friend! She said…… And it was as if I was touched on a wound….. Friend? I retorted I would be no friends with an illicit drug bandit. Immediately she covered my mouth with her hands and led me out of the class. How did you find out she asked surprisingly? Do you still wonder why I left your place yesterday? I bluffed. OMG!!! So what would you do, tell on me? Kim said….. I laughed and shook my head of course not but I don’t think we’d go further being friends. Really? She asked. Yes Really!!!!! She said nothing more and left. The rest of the day was like a bad day in school thing and after school was what I looked forward to. The school bell was the happiest thing that happened to me that day. I was glad the school was over.

As I walked hastely towards the gate I felt a hand pulling my dress, I was shocked to see what was in sight when I turned back. It was the girls from the school prom party”Fabulous Four”. I never imagined we’d meet again. It was the grumpy girl that approached me first. Hey mama’s girl she called out I guess by fate we meet again. I tried walking out on them but they all made a circle around me like Corpers doing burn fire. I became terrified, I gathered the courage to talk, What do you want from me I said. They remained mute and stood like mannequins. Suddenly I saw Kim approaching me I was a little bit at rest I thought she could help me out, as she got closer they laughed and made way for her.


Stop being friends? Kim said. Then you’ll have these girls feast on you and make the rest of your days in school high miserable. I began to tremble. I wanted to say something but I was lost for words. I just stood shaking. Kim further said I’m giving you 2mins to decide again. I didn’t know where the strength came from, I did not know if it was magic I just knew I found myself running as fast as I could towards home. I got home terrified. I wish I never made friends with Kim I said. The rest of my stay in high school would have been miserable if I had not succum to their offer, I also joined Kim in her illicit acts even though I wasn’t cool with it and all I waited for was the day we’ll part forever. As days grew older and months I was becoming a new Me. I never told this things to my parents because I was scared. Maybe if I did they would help me out. And finally the day came I left School High, I was looking so excited my parent thought it was only a normal feeling but deep inside I felt I am finally free from Kim and her Gang bands.

I was lucky I was never distracted from my studies because I never forgot my dreams. I got into college and had long gone forgotten about Kim and the Horrible fabulous girls. I promised never to make friends again. I only met people for school work and once its done I no longer had business with them. I didn’t attend parties I never went for school gathering, not even the seminars organised in my departments I always felt I could get broken again and this time I might not recover. It was just Samantha and her big dreams……. This was my only plan or i’d say my own schedule through out my stay in college. I graduated from college with grades enough to fetch me my job. I took on another professional course just so as to increase my income I thought.

It was during my job hunting I realized I had failed to learn basic things and what I needed in the real world, I have focused on my dreams, I had let my fear killed me, I didn’t know how to interact with people, I was holding just certificates but I had nothing to do with them. My communication skills…. Gosh Zero percent….. Now I was doomed where do I go from here. After waiting for a year I was lucky to get a Job at a business and statistics firm and I handled their accounts. I did excellently in putting down the statements of accounts and records I made no mistakes, I thought of myself as doing good until the day we were called for a Zonal meeting and I was to present my statements in front of the CEO and other Directors of the other branches. Another dunghole I thought……….

I appeared in front of the board and was trembling like a chick who fell into the pool. I managed to read what I had scribbled down the night before. The whole place was quiet and all I could hear was only my voice, I read as fast as I could and explained briefly as I could and I went to take my sit. After the board meeting the CEO called for me……. I already knew it was about my performance. I have never met with him, he introduced himself as Jason, I introduced myself again and I took my sit. We spoke for a while and he asked me to work on myself. I left his office after a while. And I felt strange I found myself thinking about him and I couldn’t help but imagine his handsome and good looks. I hit myself back to reality Samantha wake up I said. It was not up to another month I had a relationship with Jason so I didn’t even bother about my innefficiency at work. I’m now having an affair with the CEO so nobody could question my ability, although Jason helped me with most of the works and he taught me how to become a better presenter. I practiced when we were alone and he was my audience. Our love grew and we decided to take it to another level.

He told me how his parents died and how they had left the company for him and his siblings, he said he has been offshores for a while and didn’t plan on coming back but his siblings were mis managing the properties so he decided to stay back and monitor them. I also took him to my parents, they liked him and they supported us. After courting for a year we got married. His two brothers attended the wedding but he said his only sister could not make it. I got pregnant and stopped working for the company. He announced to me his sister would be back by the weekend, one morning on his way to work. I looked forward to the day and I prepared for it, I prepared one of the guest rooms. It was Friday and I knew after work he was going to the airport to get his sister.

The door bell rang and I knew it was them. I opened the door and my sight suddenly became blur, I was shaking and terrified……. This is not happenening to me……….. Noooo…..

To be continued…………..


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