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HOT STORY: Mirror Girl (Part 1)


mirror girl part 1 by khayra

Mirror Girl (Part 1) – A Story By Khayra

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Don’t hit me please!!!!!!! I cried and screamed at the top of my voice, he grew more angry and delivered extra punches on my face before kicking me out like a golf ball. That was Jason my husband testing his hand skill on me. I wept bitterly and laid on the cold floor of the verandah as there was no doubt i was spending another night outside. As i laid down sorrowfully on the floor i watched as the moon slowly shone giving the darkness a little light, I sighed and regretfully mirrored my past.

I am Samantha a Financialist by career but living with only wishful thoughts and dreams.”IF’S” and”HAD I KNOWN” were my most said words in the past few years. I remember as a child I hadwished for nothing but a convinient and expensive lifestyle which drove me into studying Finance in the university because i thought studying and knowing what money is and how it works will make me rich. But right now i see there’s more to life than just money.

I planned my future even as a 9 year old girl, I wanted to appear on television and in magazines,I knew what I wanted and I was bent on getting it. My parents were neither rich nor poor but they provided all I needed as a child, and lickily my gene was made up of a smart father who owned a Grocery store coupled with my mother’s industrious nature that has kept my father in business till date. Every time I became weary and dissappointed I always saw my dreams and those I mirrored and I believed there was nothing an intelligent Lassie like me could not achieve.

My pre-school years helped my kindergarten as I was the only child and apple of my parent’s eye. My high school experience was one of its kind, I entered high school feeling it was the stepping stone to my dreams, all was well until i got to senior high and my plans started to feel grumpy, It was then I realized I had only made plans without being pessismistic, without giving a thought about challenges I might face. Hmmmm…. I never left a space for error. I realized as far as I’ve grown I never had a companion and I was too used to it that i did’nt make friends. So I decided to make one, and that decision changed my life for what I’ll call EVER.


It was one of the school’s social parties I decided it was a good chance for me, So I got the ticket and attended. At the party I just sat in a corner siping a drink and watching all the activities rolling my eyes from on end to another like an Owl searching for a prey. Suddenly I could grasp a glimse of figures approaching me….. Hey!!!! Newbie a voice called out amongst them as they got closer, I realized they were(4) four girls. Are you mama’s girl? The shortest amongst them said. I’m not I retorted feeling embarrassed at the same time nervous. They suddenly laughed and clapped over my head, I made an attempt to walk away but I was stopped by the grumpy and ugly looking one among them, I stared and looked with disgust in my mind was( even the darkness cannot contain your rugged face… Huh). I quietly sat back. What is your name she asked? At first I didn’t want to reply but I felt a grumbling in my stomach which sounded like a warning bell to me……. Reluctantly I grumbled SAMANTHA. They all laughed again and walked away.

I felt relieved and just when i thought I could enjoy the rest of the night I suddenly I heard my name from the mic!!!!!. Samantha the voice called. It was the grumpy girl. Come up stage and show us what you’ve got, don’t be a mama’s girl. Everyone’s attention drifted towards the angle I was sitted and they all booed at me. I ran out of the hall feeling embarrassed as I cried and ran I bumped into a girl, I apologized hurriedly and I left. When I got home I just quietly went to bed.

I felt reluctant going to school the next day but my mother’s persuation made me. I entered the classroom with my head bowed as I swiftly made my way to my sit and I slowly sank into my chair. I released an heavy breathe as a sign of relief. There seems to be nobody who recognized me as the”Prom girl”… I thought to myself. All bit one girl did ( the one I ran into). Hi she called after school hours. Hello I replied, I’m Samantha….. Hum!! Sorry about last night I grumbled. She nodded and replied with a smile. My name is Kim, It seems you”re the next prey for the ”FABULOUS FOUR”.

Fabulous four!? Yes she replied, they are the most influential and dangerous group of girls in School high, but thankfully they are in their graduating year, she explained. We chat as we walked towards the school gate. I guess we’re now friends she said. Friends I thought for a while and I finally said Yes Friends!!!!!!. And that was how I and Kim became good friends but I was yet to find out who she really is…….

To be continued……………


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